Peopletrail is a leading provider of advanced screening and onboarding technology to improve processes and enhance the candidate experience.

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We provide actionable insights on your background screening, delivered with a human touch.

Peopletrail has served thousands of clients from the fortune 500 corporations to mid-sized and small businesses. We understand your risk as a business and know what’s important to you in the hiring process.
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We perform background screening, right!

We believe in the Human Touch.

Bringing “people into the process” on all our background checks.

Providing actionable insights you trust.

Data and reports that help you make a smarter hiring decision.

1.5 days of fast turnaround time.

Accuracy and speed both go together at Peopletrail.

We are Accredited.

We are among the 2% accredited reporting agencies in the US.

99.5% Client Retention Rate.

Our ‘customer family’ trusts us.

Flexible packages.

We customize services according to your needs.

Background Screening Checks

Employment screening is not an one-size-fits-all solution. Many businesses have special requirements to meet federal and local laws. Ultimately, your business’s custom problems requires custom solutions.

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Explore our case studies to learn why Peopletrail has become the preferred screening partner for custom employment screening, criminal background checks, tenant screening, drug screening, ATS integration, and more.

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We provide comprehensive background screening solutions to multiple industries.

Making good employment decisions comes from information that is not only accurate and timely but also relevant. Our screening specialists ensure that you always secure and apply the most significant information towards building a safe workplace.

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