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As part of the accredited elite, only Peopletrail® combines superior customer service through dedicated screening specialists with efficient, state-of-the-art technology integration to deliver on-demand, accurate, and timely consumer reporting results. With 20+ years of expertise, we almost work in every industry you can name. Learn more about our success stories through our old clients and see why America chooses Peopletrail as their premier employee screening partner.

What makes Peopletrail Unique

Accuracy - Timely Delivery - Compliance Direction - Personalized Care


Accurate & Compliant Employment Background Check Reports

Peopletrail® has provided employment background check and screening services since 1994. This invested understanding not only brings expertise to our organization but also translates into quick, accurate, and compliant-driven reporting and support for your company's specific needs.

With all the data available to us today, it’s easy to assume that employment background check services are a simple matter.  As many may relate, this is often not the case. The information some companies scrounge up is pitifully incomplete, inaccurate, and untimely—all of which results in poor decisions and compliance neglect. This is why it is vital to partner with a company that has achieved accredited practices and critical experience.

People are Part of the Process

In addition to our wealth of experience, at our core stems a simple, yet rare philosophy in business—we believe “people must be part of the process.” At Peopletrail, we pride ourselves on bringing the human touch to every aspect of the employment background check process; every report, decision, and relationship.
This personalized touch means that we cater to your business’ unique needs with custom solutions. Customized solutions to your individual problems is an important aspect of partnering with Peopletrail. Your employees aren’t just a number, so we don’t just spit out data.  We provide Actionable insight you trust.®

Screening Specialists Provide Quality Results

Actionable Insight Screening means that a Screening Specialist reviews each case. An actual person who knows your industry and assists in every step of the process from integration setup to interpretation of data. This added layer of quality helps you make efficient decisions, emphasize compliance, and improve client experience.

It is this commitment to enhancing each interaction and client experience that makes Peopletrail a leading provider of background and screening servicesLet us show you the difference Peopletrail can make.

The Peopletrail Difference!

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Seek structure and protection from an authorized business partner that knows your requirements.

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Our NAPBS accreditation establishes a strong foundation for us to maintain the honor of being a credible leader in the industry.

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At Peopletrail® we pride ourselves on bringing “people into the process” on all our background checks.

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You’ve spent many strategic hours developing your internal systems.  You need leading-edge, integrated solutions.

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Peopletrail also understands how diverse industries are with their compliance rules and regulations.

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The Peopletrail Difference is more than a mantra, it permeates our culture and drives every client interaction.

We have a 99.5% client retention rate. Join the league of our successful clients.